Light Weight Full Float Body Belt – 2018M


A stacked 4 D-Ring body belt that lends itself perfectly to wood pole fall restriction devices like the Industry-standard SuperSqueeze™ & EZ Squeeze™.

*CSA Model Available. Contact your authorized Canadian distributor.

*4 D-Ring Body Belts are Patented.

Class 2 sizing.

*Usually ships within 7 to 14 days.




  • A new series of 2000M body belts offering all the same high-quality features of the 2000M with the added benefit of our patented stacked D-Rings.
  • The additional D-Rings (patented) are ideal for use when a secondary lanyard is used to climb over obstructions.
  • Lightweight Drilex lined back pad.
  • Removable MAN RATED gut strap (Must be used with a Buckingham provided gut strap).
  • Full float body belt with a 9″ foam cushioned pad.
  • Bridge pieces and belt straps crafted of leather with a nylon center to provide strength and longer life.
  • Full-floating primary D-Rings that provide 4” of lateral movement to reduce wear on your pole strap.
  • 2 Large full float double bar D-Rings and 2 small upper D-Rings.