Heavy Duty Vinyl Coated Nylon Recycling Bucket – 1215Q22


This bucket model is intended for recycling purposes!

A canvas bucket made with heavy TNX construction with a solid continuous PVC ring on top and has a molded rubber bottom. A polypropylene rope with a 4958 brass swivel snap for attachment purposes. It does not have an inside pocket.

*Usually ships within 7 to 14 days. 


  • Will not rot from use in the sun and rain.
  • Spliced for added durability.
  • Top Ring is continuous solid PVC material, Stronger than a typical PVC rod.
  • The bottom of bucket is made from high impact thermoplastic rubber for long-lasting durability under the toughest working conditions.
  • Reinforced Rope support holes to prevent wear on canvas.
  • Heavy-duty Nylon thread that will not rot or fall apart.
  • Unique heavy canvas construction that is folded over outside stitches to protect the thread from abrasion.