BuckFit™ H Style Full Body Harness – 68D98C74C0K4


The Buck Mini ‘H’ style full body harness offers comfort and ease of donning. The unique shoulder pads are made from arc tested fabric with padding for comfort and vertical shoulder adjustment.

*Available in S, M, L or XL

*Meets ASTM F887 Electric Arc Performance Requirements and is manufactured to meet ANSI Z359.11-14 standards, OSHA 1926.954(b)(1)(ii)

*Rated to 420 lbs. when used with equivalently rated accessories.

This harness has been arc flash tested and meets or exceeds ASTM F887 Electric Arc Performance Requirements.

**Usually ship within 7 to 14 days.

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The harness features back straps with male end aluminum interlocking buckles to connect to the Buck ErgoBelt, patented quick connect buckles at the chest strap and leg pads, and leather chafes behind the leg quick connect buckles for comfort and to reduce potential static charge. Harness also features a 5000 lb rated nylon dorsal loop that eliminates metal and allows user to girth hitch their shock absorber (can be ordered with a dorsal dee).