Glide Lite Saddle – 16903W1


The Glide Lite Saddle design emphasizes safety, versatility, and comfort with the added benefit of reduced weight.

The saddle is rated to ASTM F887 standards.

*For replacement bridges check out  W1-13

*Usually ships in 7 to 14 days. 



The Glide Lite Saddle features:

  • Medium dee rings satisfy both the Arborists partial to large dee rings and those preferring small dee rings.
  • A suspension bridge with an aluminum ‘O’ ring provides improved lateral movement
  • A lighter back pad with wider webbing that disperses support across the entire pad
  • Aluminum quick connect buckles for waist strap closure and leg strap buckles
  • Accessory ring and snap
  • Three accessory loops and two accessory rings for storage and blood stopper pouches.
  • Weighs 3 lbs. 9 oz.