Friction Saver – 57/57S


ArborMaster Friction Savers allow for easy installation and retrieval from the ground. Benefits include less bend radius, less friction (easier to climb), and reduced wear to a rope.

  • Can be used as a false crotch. Rated for human support only.
  • Model 57 is an anodized aluminum ring friction saver.
  • Model 57S is a steel ring friction saver.

*Orders received by 12:00/Noon EST ship same business day. After 12:00/Noon EST ship next business day.



Available options:

Ring Material: Length P/N:
Aluminum 24″ 57-24
36″ 57-36
48″ 57-48
60″ 57-60
72″ 57-72
Steel 24″ 57S-24
36″ 57S-36
48″ 57S-48
60″ 57S-60
72″ 57S-72