Ergovation® Y Style Retro Saddle/Bucket Truck Harness Combo – 16906H2


Ergovation® Y style retro harness model 16906H2 accommodates dorsal fall arrest attachments and climbers utilizing Single Rope Technique (SRT) to access their work vertically. The Ergovation® Y style retro harness, unmatched in comfort, durability and versatility.

Fully customized waist tensioner and lumbar support gives user improved fit, abdominal stability, and promotes optimal posture when climbing. Be sure to allow for heavy clothing when sizing (fit is important for comfort). In order to obtain an optimum fit, the work positioning dee rings should be positioned slightly forward of the hip bones.

  • All Buckingham Ergovation saddles manufactured and dated after 5/2009 have been designed and are compatible for attachment with either of the two Ergovation retro fit harnesses (product numbers REH1 or REH2). All Buckingham Ergovation saddles manufactured and dated prior to 5/2009 are not designed for and must not be used with a retrofit harness.
  • Comes with Steel carabiner (5005P).
  • For “H” style retro fit harnesses check out our 16906H1
  • For replacement Rope Bridges check out our WE6R/WE6 options.

This harness has been arc flash tested and meets or exceeds ASTM F887 Electric Arc Performance Requirements.

*Usually ships in 7 to 14 days.



Features include:

  • Strain on low back region is reduced and dispersed throughout the entire upper body.
  • Pads stitched to harness webbing to prevent shifting and improve easy donning.
  • Aluminum dee ring for decreased weight resulting in increased comfort aloft.
  • Y2 friction buckles for quick and secure adjustment of webbing in front and back.
  • Hook and loop chest strap for quick and easy donning of harness.
  • Plastic quick connect buckles anchor and keeps chest cam vertical and in tension while ascending.
  • ERGOVATION saddle has 12 different attachment points, the most of any saddles we offer
  • Fully modular design for a customized fit
  • Comfort with Fully padded Drilex back pad to contour the pelvis and support lower back
  • 1/4” Closed cell padding can be removed for washing, which improves hygiene
  • Load distributing design decreases pressure on pelvis
  • Increased padding in pelvis and hip regions for added comfort
  • Rated to 350 lbs. when used with equivalently rated accessories.