BuckTrainer™ – 5204


The BuckTrainer™ is a reliable apprentice fall protection 5000 lb. anchor that rotates 250 degrees. This unit is intended for and will accommodate poles from 6″ to 9.5″ in diameter. (NOTE: Poles from 6″ to 6 1/2″ diameter require shims underneath fastening straps whereas larger diameter poles 9′ to 9.5′ must be shaved to accommodate the BuckTrainer). NOTE: A 45 ft. class 3 pole should accommodate the 5204 BuckTrainer™ without shaving the pole. Use the Model 5203-12 Harness Beam for poles with diameters larger than 9.5″ and up to 12″. This unit is ideal to transport to remote areas to field test potential apprentices before sending them to the actual training facility. Features ratchet strap to lift BuckTrainer™ with handline, bolts and nuts, mounting brackets and a carabiner (Model 5005) to mount lifeline. Retractable lifeline sold separately.

*Retractable Lifeline sold separately(5201)


The Buck Trainer™ is a reliable apprentice fall protection tested to 5000 lb. anchor that rotates 250°.
All parts included to secure to Pole
• Ratchet strap to lift Buck Trainer with handline
• Bolts and nuts
• Mounting brackets
• Carabiner (Model 5005) to mount lifeline

Benefits and specifications:
• Fits a pole with diameter up to 9″
• Mounts anywhere on pole
• Keeps climber 36″ from pole