BuckOhm™ Dielectric H-Style Harness with BuckArrest™ Energy Absorbing Pack – 68L9EQ43


The BuckOhm™ Dielectric H-Style Harness with a BuckArrest™ Energy Absorbing Pack was designed for working conditions with electrical hazards, making this a great option for substation and other utility work. The dorsal energy absorbing pack was added to the harness to aid in fall arrest should you be ejected from the bucket.

Rated to 420 lbs. when used with equivalently rated accessories and has been arc flash tested and meets or exceeds ASTM F887 Electric Arc Performance Requirements.

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Buckingham’s new BuckOhm™ line is a line of products designed to have all-dielectric hardware. Dielectric hardware eliminates the potential of static electricity being transferred through steel hardware if working around an energized conductor in wet or damp conditions. Also, Dielectric hardware has a better resistance to corrosion in extreme conditions (hot/humid or salty air environments).

Harness features:

  • 9KV rated Dielectric hardware.
  • Dielectric quick-connect chest buckle and leg strap buckles for easier donning.
  • Dorsal Energy Absorbing Pack designed for fall arrest.
  • Comfortable, removable, arc-tested shoulder and leg pads.

Dielectric friction buckles on vertical shoulder straps for height adjustments.