BuckEscape™ Training Lanyard – 6+R+R115R3S2


The BuckEscape™ training lanyard is a re-usable energy absorbing lanyard with a shock pack that features an aluminum snap hook on each end for use with a full-body harness with a dorsal attachment. All components are packed into the outer pack with a hook and loop closure that allows the user to repack for reuse.

This lanyard is only one part of the After Fall Self Rescue Training System (302AFTKIT-65) and must be used in conjunction with the 302AF descender Kit.

*Usually ships within 7 to 14 days.



  • The shock pack will deploy the internal contents around 600 lbs. of applied force, but in the case that not enough force was applied a strap is provided that will allow you to deploy the internal contents yourself.
  • The internal contents consist of a bent D-ring, 2 relief ladder straps and a relief ladder adjustment strap to ascend yourself into the ladder straps, minimizing suspension trauma.