BuckEscape™ Rescue Lanyard – 6+R+R115R2S2


The BuckEscape™ rescue lanyard is a one-time use energy absorbing lanyard with a shock pack that features an aluminum snap hook on each end for use with a full-body harness with a dorsal attachment.

Ideal for troubleshooters and single-man crews.

This is a single-use lanyard and does not possess the ability to be repacked.

This lanyard is only one part of the After Fall Self Rescue System and must be used in conjunction with the 302AF descender Kit.

*Usually ships within 7 to 14 days.



  • The shock pack will deploy the internal contents around 600 lbs. of applied force, but in the case that not enough force was applied a strap is provided that will allow you to deploy the internal contents yourself.
  • The internal contents consist of a dee ring, used as an anchor for the descent line, 2 relief ladder foot straps, and a relief ladder adjustment strap to easily lift yourself into position to attach the descent line to the dee ring. The relief ladder foot straps minimize the potential for suspension trauma.