7’ Kevlar BuckLimiter™ with Adjustable Anchor Attachment and Shock Absorbing Pack – 6008KQ23


The 7’ Kevlar BuckLimiter™ yoyo features triple locking aluminum carabiners (5555S3) on each end for both anchor point attachment and harness attachment. The retractable is constructed with an adjustable anchor point attachment leg that allows the user to access and connect to the anchor point while being able to adjust the housing away from the bucket controls. Convenient for a fleet with multiple different buckets!

The 6008KQ23 meets the ANSI Z359.14-2014 standard and is marked to 420 lbs. with a Class B rating.

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  • Aluminum alloy construction inside and out while both the mechanism and housing are made of corrosion-resistant alloy.
  • A braking system that is designed for smooth consistent operation to prevent “jerky” lockups.
  • A tangle free swivel top adds to mobility and a 7′ extension for an expanded work area.
  • Adjustable anchor attachment leg that allows the user to adjust the webbing between 11” – 22” in order to keep the housing away from the bucket controls.
  • The BuckLimter™ has Kevlar 1″ webbing – up to 5x stronger than steel.
  • Materials used in this unit are all tested to 40 Cal/CM2 electrical arc exposure.
  • Resistant to moisture, abrasions, UV light and chemicals.
  • Lightweight – weighs just 2 lbs.